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Re: Howto provide and link to foreign language translations?

From: <tina@greytower.net>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 14:12:21 +0200 (CEST)
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On 23 Sep, jon@spin.ie wrote:

>>   That particular article has been offered as a reference many, many
>>   times. Not too long ago there was a debate regarding the topic in the
>>   ciwah newsgroup - it ended, as it always does, with insult.
>>   However, I would like to offer up a different opinion. Flags as
>>   symbol for languages are not, by users looking for content in their
>>   own language, sees as insulting, stupid, or dysfunctional.
> Right or wrong, there are a great many people who do find this use
> of flags insulting, stupid or at least to be in poor taste. The
> fact that debates on the topic will frequently end in insult surely
> proves in itself that there is a group for whom the practice
> provokes a strong negative emotional response.

  Indeed there is. However, in this matter I have "spoken" to two groups
  of people: those who need to find translations in their own language,
  and those who philosophise about it - such as me.

  The former group is rarely if ever insulted by the flags. They don't
  think they are perfect, but find them in common use outside the
  'net, and functional. They are used to the method.

  The latter group gets vocal about the "Right Way".

> Flags have advantages in such contexts, I'm not going to deny that,
> but it is incorrect to dismiss the arguments against their use.

  I do not dismiss the arguments. I dismiss the article. You do not
  convince people to adopt your position by using language leading them
  to believe you nuts.

  Present the arguments, as Jesper did, but leave out the "someone might
  get insulted!" and "Colonial crimes!" bits.

  I can only describe this as I've seen it: people I show this article
  to who tend to respond as this quote illustrates: " He has good
  arguments but he seems to have lost touch with reality ... "

  's no way to convince people. We had a discussion a while ago about
  the right way of saying "accessible". There are all kinds of debates
  about how to say "disabled". This is more of the same: not politically
  correctness, but packaging.
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