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Re: accessible webconferencing applications

From: Sandra Vassallo <S.Vassallo@e-bility.com>
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 11:04:23 +1000
To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
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This message about iVocalise v2 was forwarded to me by a colleague.  In 
view of the recent post regarding accessible conferencing software I 
thought it might be helpful to others.  I haven't tried it yet, but it 
looks interesting.

e-bility Pty Ltd

Fwd: iVocalize Version 2
>From: Audio-Tips registration@audio-tips.com
>There  are a great number of new features within the latest release of
>iVocalize  that  is live now at Audio-tips. If you are not a member of
>audio-tips,  you  can  still  experiment  and  experience  all  of the
>features of iVocalize by visiting the public room on the front page of
>Here are the 21 (yes, there are 21 new and exciting additions/changes)
>to this incredible client. JFW Script writers and Window-Eyes set file
>creators  may  need to make some alterations to their respective files
>to accommodate some of these changes.
>1.  Private text chat is now displayed in separate windows that can be
>navigated  via  shortcut  keys. ALT - 0 will drop you in the main text
>chat window. ALT - 1, ALT - 2, etc.. will drop you into the associated
>chat  window.  ALT - N will place the focus into the first chat window
>with new text.
>2.  You  now  have  the Ability to save individual chat conversations,
>clear tabs, and close conversation tabs (tap ESCAPE).
>3. When one party in a private conversation logs off, the tab remains,
>with typing disabled, so that conversation can be referenced or saved.
>4.  All  public and private text still appears in the main tab as they
>always have.
>5. You may focus on the tab control of the text chat with ALT -E. Once
>focused  on  the  tab  control,  the  RIGHT  AND  LEFT ARROW KEYS will
>navigate the focus among conversations.
>6.  The  conversation  tab  will  blink and a sound will play when new
>private text arrives.
>7.  When  the  mouse hovers over a tab containing unread text, the new
>text will be displayed in a tool tip.
>8. You may move focus to the next conversation window with new text by
>pressing ALT - N.
>9.  Hotkeys  to  address  individual  tabs:  Alt+0  is  the  main tab,
>containing  all  public and private text. Alt+1 is first conversation,
>Alt+2 is second conversation, ... Alt+9 is ninth conversation.
>10.  The  keywords.txt  file  contains  instructions  for  configuring
>keywords  within iVocalize. When iVocalize detects a keyword in a text
>chat, a sound will play.
>11.  Scroll  lock on text chat - if a text chat window is not scrolled
>to  the bottom, new text is added without scrolling the window. If the
>text  chat window is then scrolled to the bottom, future incoming text
>will scroll the window to keep it at the bottom.
>12.  You may toggle the timestamp on text chat entries by pressing ALT
>- SHIFT - I
>13.  You may toggle the option to display all synchronized URLs in the
>text chat window with ALT - SHIFT - U
>14.  The  iVocalize  text chat now recognizes URLs by highlighting and
>underlining  the URL address. You may click a URL within the text chat
>to launch the associated page in the embedded browser. Shift - click a
>link to open it in a new browser window.
>15. Moderator text appears in bold within the public text chat window
>16.  A  sound  is played when you are speaking, and a moderator clears
>you from the Queue
>17.  A  sound  is  played  every 30 seconds when anyone in the room is
>recording  the  session  As  with all sounds within iVocalize, you may
>configure  this sound within the Sound Schemes option of Windows. This
>option is off by default.
>18.  The  menu bar has a new menu, the favorites menu. You may add and
>organize your favorites from within this menu.
>19.  All  sounds  can be adjusted, edited, removed through the Windows
>Sound Scheme
>20.  The  Ability  to  directly launch the windows sound scheme editor
>with  ALT  -  SHIFT  - S. This is also available through Control Panel
>Sounds Applet.
>21. Framed webpages will now synchronize within the embedded browser
>Service of Audio-Tips
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