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RE: opening new windows

From: Tim Roberts <tim@wiseguysonly.com>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 10:11:21 -0700
To: "'William R Williams'" <wrwilliams@fs.fed.us>, <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
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"Forget everything you know about creating pop-up windows. Most
importantly, forget you ever knew that the javascript pseudo-protocol
ever existed. Do you hear me??"


Looks like a good method to me. Pop-ups when supported, same window when
not. The rest is down to the conscience of the developer not to abuse.

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Is this to say that the "Perfect Pop-up," as reflected in the "Pop-up
Window Generator," is problematic? This generator, which is impressive
me, is online at:


. . . and I've used it to present several "pages" at:


Bill Williams

I know that it's not good practice to open new windows but I think that
there are instances where it is valuable from a usability point of view.
Currently I am working on a help system for an intranet and want the
page(s) to open in a new window (with the necessary prior warning to
of course) so that users can work through the help page whilst still
looking at the site. My questions is, since the use of target is
deprecated, how is it possible to open a new window without the use of
javascript? I don't really want to use client-side scripting if at all
possible but can't see any way round this problem.


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