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Re: At Slashdot: Ask an Expert (sic) About Web Accessibility

From: Catherine Roy <c.roy@camo.qc.ca>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 18:02:29 -0500
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To: "Joe Clark" <joeclark@joeclark.org>, "WAI-IG" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>

My my.  After reading through the various posts, I have to admit to being a
bit surprised (yeah, I'm still that naive) at the considerable number of
intentionally silly or hostile comments.  To me, this is indicative of what
I consider the core problem :  mentality.  Forgive my dark outlook but most
people just don't care and generally, unless there is some life-changing
experience for them or someone close to them or unless they suddenly think
they are losing zillions of dollars, they are not likely to go out of their
way.  I think this is especially true in areas where we can't rely on policy
or legislation to "institutionalize" certain non-discriminatory practices
and mainstream them over time.  I am however mildly consoled by the fact
that there were many constructive posts.

Anyway, just needed to get that out of my system.


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Subject: At Slashdot: Ask an Expert (sic) About Web Accessibility

> First there were the questions:
> <http://interviews.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=02/12/02/1343246>
> ...which brought down my friend's box, eliciting further online
> mentions that further brought down his box. Never mind with the
> links. A snake can eat its tail only so often before it runs out of
> tail to eat.
> Now there are the answers:
> <http://interviews.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=02/12/09/1446221>
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