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Weird issues with pop-out nav and stylesheets

From: Quinn, Anthony <anthonyq@testingcentre.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 14:46:06 +1100
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Hi Folks,

Here's a combination of perplexing problems to ponder.

I'm working on a site which has some page elements that display some very
puzzling behaviour when viewed through IE 6 with some of the accessibility
features activated.

There is a dynamic pop-out menu system. I can't access either the top level
or subcategory links in the menu, using keyboard tabbing. 

BUT if I disable page styles (through the accessibility settings on IE 6), I
CAN access the top level nav links with keyboard tabbing.

HOWEVER half of the top level links disappear. Visually, they seem to get
cut off by an area of content immediately beneath the nav menu. Some links
that appear across the top of the page also visually disappear, although, I
can tab to them.

The pop out menu has been implemented with JavaScript. 

Is this;

1. A problem with the Pop out / dynamic menu JavaScript implementation.


2. A problem with using style sheets or layers for layout of the page

3. Some odd combination of style sheet and div issues.

I suspect it's a combination but can't really tell. Is there any easy way to
determine this by looking for something in the code?



Anthony Quinn
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