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Re: Accessing PDFs

From: David Poehlman <poehlman1@comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 08:56:27 -0400
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really, sky rocketted?  did they use technology that we have not yet
heard of?

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From: "kestrell" <aeryadne@theworld.com>
To: "Access Systems" <accessys@smart.net>
Cc: "Aaron Smith" <aaron@gwmicro.com>; "RUST Randal"
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Sent: Thursday, October 24, 2002 7:29 AM
Subject: Re: Accessing PDFs

It is also worth noting where the quote accessible unquote pdf docs are:
Of course the screen reader manuals are accessible, because any company
who produced a pdf doc that had any relation to screen readers and did
assure it was accessible would be crazy, though there are a lot of crazy
company decisions out there. Places to check for accessible pdf docs
be government web sites, such as the IRS web site, or materials online
university libraries, or just about any eBook sold in the pdf format.
rate of inaccessibility just sky-rocketed to about eighty percent there.

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