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Re: Accessing PDFs

From: Aaron Smith <aaron@gwmicro.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 08:02:59 -0500
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To: kestrell <aeryadne@theworld.com>, Access Systems <accessys@smart.net>
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The point is that we had to start somewhere. I know for a fact that the IRS 
are working on accessible PDFs, as are other government agencies. The more 
we spread the information that there is a way to make PDFs accessible, the 
better the chances that those practices will become mainstream.

At 07:29 AM 10/24/2002 -0400, kestrell wrote:

>It is also worth noting where the quote accessible unquote pdf docs are:
>Of course the screen reader manuals are accessible, because any company
>who produced a pdf doc that had any relation to screen readers and did not
>assure it was accessible would be crazy, though there are a lot of crazy
>company decisions out there. Places to check for accessible pdf docs would
>be government web sites, such as the IRS web site, or materials online at
>university libraries, or just about any eBook sold in the pdf format. The
>rate of inaccessibility just sky-rocketed to about eighty percent there.

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