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Re: Judgment in the SouthWest case.

From: Jerry Weichbrodt <gerald.g.weichbrodt@ived.gm.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 14:22:02 -0400
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'Tis a bit like the concept of separate but equal.  We segregate the blind
person to the non-web version of our sales offerings but promise that the
available options and prices are equivalent to the web-based ones.  It is
hard to be sure this will in fact be the case, just as it's hard to know
that a text-only separate web site will be as current and as versatile as
the "normal" version.

All of this said, the same barriers may exist for the normally abled (just
throwing a little fresh PC for ya) person whose limited economic means or
other issues cause him/her not to have Internet access sufficient to use the
web site.  Boy, if I were king, I'd fix all of this <grin>.


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> On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 11:46:26AM -0400, Phill Jenkins wrote:
> > 1. If the business provides a telephone service for the same discounted
> > on-line tickets, does that allow them to not meet the web accessibility
> > standard? Is it about meeting a standard or about accommodation or both?
>   Even further: is the same discounted tickets available to those forced
>   not to use the web *without any further proof* ? Remember, the tickets
>   available *online* is available with a discount simply by virtue of
>   available online.
>   If a user is prevented from using the online service - ie. not unable to
>   due to lack of computer, but prevented for lack of correct code - then
>   the tickets need be available on the phone at the same discount without
>   said user having to prove that this is the case.
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