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RE: Public Standard (was RE: Media - Suit Over Airlines' Web Si tes Tests Bounds of ADA)

From: Nissen, Dan E <Dan.Nissen@UNISYS.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 10:40:50 -0500
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This is an interesting question.  The nice thing about the E&IT field is
that there are so many standards bodies.  There are, to my knowledge, 3
different kinds of standards bodies.  There are DeJure standards bodies,
whose existence is authorized by law in the UN and various countries, like
INCITS in its role as an accredited ANSI organization, which is the official
US Standards organization, and ISO.  There are industry consortia, like ECMA
and W3C.  There are professional organizations, like IEEE, even though IEEE
also works through, and is for some activities accredited by, the DeJure
groups.  And, then there is the defacto standard, like Internet Explorer is
the defacto standard browser for a large percentage of web users, and Java,
which is a proprietary product of Sun Microsystems and a registered

Don't know how this should apply to acceptance of the standard as being
accessible or not.


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At 01:31 PM 10/9/02, John Foliot - bytown internet wrote:
> > Can I use any public standard? (i.e., gif, jpg,etc.)?
>Sure... PNG too if you want (SVG support ain't there yet, although
>you *could* use it).  Again, the W3C Standard states that you
>should provide a text equivelant for any none textual object, so
>don't forget your *meaningful* ALT text and possibly LONGDESC

When is something a public standard? Is it when I place a program
or plugin on the web, along with a document how to markup for the
plugin? Is it when more than a few authors use my public standard?
Is it when more than a few perople have installed my plugin? Or is
it when one of the institutes like the W3C take over my public

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