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Re: Media - Suit Over Airlines' Web Sites Tests Bounds of ADA

From: Jim Ley <jim@jibbering.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 08:45:59 -0000
To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
Message-ID: <ao0qdm$sd1$1@main.gmane.org>

"David Woolley" <david@djwhome.demon.co.uk> wrote in message
> > > Can I use JavaScript? Why not, it's a public ECMA standard.
> >
> > right but at the moment it is not a very usable standard for many

It's an extremely successful standard, other than a problem with version
control, there are near faultless implementations of the standard across
almost all browsers, opera is the weak one, but that's only because of
lack of unicode support so easily worked around.

The problem isn't the javascript, but the object models, and much of it
isn't standardised anywhere, (and what is, is slightly unfortunate to the
javascript audience as it's constrained by java viewpoints, and doesn't
follow the main mindset of developers.)  So if recognised standards are
what you can use, then you can't use "javascript" (by your later
definition) as it isn't standardised.

> Using it also breaches a basic principle of computer security, that you
> do not run unverified executables.

Well, that kills XSLT aswell...  javascript has no input/output
capabilities etc.  As you say it's the problem of the Object Model
features provided by browser vendors, and it is difficult to lock down.

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