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RE: help with longdesc needed

From: Simon White <simon.white@jkd.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 17:16:43 -0000
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To: "Charles McCathieNevile" <charles@w3.org>, "Scarlett Julian (ED)" <Julian.Scarlett@sheffield.gov.uk>
Cc: <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
In addition to the answer from chaals, is it possible to provide a description that will provide a description that will direct people to certain car parks dependent upon how they enter the city? I notice that there is a description of what lies to the South, North, East, West, etc, so using landmarks near here, would my idea also be a viable option.

I say this because I used a screenreader and found I was confused (although I am not blind I like to use the technology that my users could well be using). This is by no means a fault of your department Julian, it is difficult to pin down the best method of providing directions to someone, sighted or not! *grin* Particularly if they do not know the City of Sheffield well.

Looking at the page in Lynx provided me with some other thoughts... the links around the map (in the graphical form) take the user in the direction described graphically. However, I am not sure that this comes across like that in a text-only browser. Again, this is only my observation and I hope that it has been of help to you.

Kind regards


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Subject: Re: help with longdesc needed

Well, I don't use much AT (does an external mouse and large fonts count?) but
as atypically text-only user who drives to car parks I would be looking for
street names and intersection information - carpark is at carver ste=reet,
between city hall and johnson st, etc.


On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Scarlett Julian (ED) wrote:

  Hi all

  my colleagues and I are having trouble getting a longdesc for a car parking
  map correct. The URI is below and we *know* that there are certain things
  wrong (such as using reference numbers from the map in the description) but
  we would really appreciate it if some AT/screenreader users could give us
  some input. Many thanks in advance.


  Julian Scarlett
  Web Design & Document Management System Officer
  Education Directorate
  Sheffield City Council
  0114 2735721
  mob 07904914976

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