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RE: Accessible _content_ management (was RE: accessible web con tact management solution request:)

From: Scarlett Julian (ED) <Julian.Scarlett@sheffield.gov.uk>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 08:59:27 +0100
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> Are accessible content management systems hard to come by?
You bet your ass they are! The best I've seen is one that prompted a user to
enter alt text for an image but there was no opportunity for longdesc. Is it
ASp or PHP? Do you have a URI for a demo?


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> Subject: Accessible _content_ management (was RE: accessible 
> web contact
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> At 08:15 27/06/2002 +0100, Scarlett Julian (ED) wrote:
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> >I misread the original post as *content* management system.
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> Oddly, enough so did I. But then again I am on a team 
> developing a content 
> management system.
> Are accessible content management systems hard to come by? I'm fairly 
> confident ours could be made accessible out of the box - it 
> should be more 
> or less A-compliance anyway.
> Andrew
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