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Fwd: RE: (Access-UK) - totally astounding

From: Aaron Smith <aaron@gwmicro.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 12:52:54 -0500
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>From: "Dan Weirich" <dan@gwmicro.com>
>To: <access-uk@yahoogroups.com>
>Subject: RE: (Access-UK) -  totally astounding
>Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 12:30:39 -0500
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>We at GW Micro are also surprised at the RNIB's comments.  We worked
>very hard with Macromedia to get Flash working.  I can't speak for
>Macromedia, but stop and think logically.  Does anyone believe
>Macromedia only contacted GW Micro?  Of course they didn't.  But we
>accepted the challenge and thought it a worthwhile project.
>Macromedia is using MSAA to speak to the screen readers.  Then it is up
>to the screen reader to take that information and speak it.  It just so
>happens that we implemented it.  Other screen readers have every
>opportunity to do the same thing.  So don't blame Macromedia for that.
>Many people still don't know that it was work done by GW Micro that
>allowed for an accessible version of Adobe Acrobat.  Certainly there are
>still issues regarding that.  What is available is not perfect but as we
>know all journeys start with that first step.
>We will continue to accept the invitation from other companies as well.
>We have made a concerted effort to work with main stream companies to
>help them implement changes which will make their software more
>speech-friendly.   By using MSAA all screen readers have the ability to
>support it.  But again, if other screen readers choose NOT to make use
>of this technology, don't blame the main stream company.
>Here are comments my partner Doug made on our list, gw-info.
> >I find this very disappointing to see that the RNIB doesn't truly give
> >credit to Window-Eyes.  They reluctantly state that Window-Eyes (which
> >was
> >misspelled) supports FLASH but because it is the only screen reader to
> >so it isn't acceptable.  Window-Eyes is never again mentioned.
> >
> >What bothers me is Macromedia is exposing their flash information via
> >MSAA.  It is up to the screen reader manufacturer if it chooses to
> >implement MSAA and thereby be accessible with Flash.  This is not the
> >fault of Macromedia.  It is the fault of the screen reader to choose
> >not to support the most popular standard available to Windows!  It is
> >very sad the RNIB can not see this and support Window-Eyes for being
> >the leading screen reader manufacturer to support this technology on a
> >REAL level and not just on a marketing hype level.
> >
> >Regards,
> >Doug
>Dan Weirich
>GW Micro, Inc.
>725 Airport North Office Park
>Fort Wayne, IN  46825

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