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RE: Trip report - WebXTutti, Italy

From: Nissen, Dan E <Dan.Nissen@UNISYS.com>
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 09:24:21 -0500
Message-ID: <236F133B43F4D211A4B00090273C79DC0C073B77@us-rv-exch-2.rsvl.unisys.com>
To: w3c-wai-ig@w3c.org

You do raise some interesting points. I agree that I did not get permission
to distribute.  I apologize to anyone offended or concerned.  I might have
put it on a web site, but my company does not allow people like me to put
anything on the web (perhaps with the indirect exception that I can create
support documents that can be accessed by authorized users of our support
system).  To get things on a public web site takes a review by "Corporate
Identity", and this would have included the check for authorization, as well
as formatting and other reviews/requirements, one of which it probably would
have failed (like, business need).  As for the size of attachments, yes, I
agree.  This was about 24K bytes, a very small attachment in my current
experience.  I routinely have to deal with megabyte PowerPoint Slides that
convey the same information content as a 1000 byte text file would.  When I
ran on a slow connection, my email tool allowed me to select not downloading
attachments except explicitly.  But, not all people run that way.  But, in
any case, if the user is to see the document, either it needs to be sent
across the line as an email or as a web page.  And, I also have the habit of
not removing the text of the document to which I am replying, so these
messages get increasingly long.

And, yes, I just asked Microsoft Word 2000 to Save As HTML what was in the
original Web page.  I don't know to what HTML standard Word 2000 conforms or
to what standard systranet built it's translator.  All issues that do affect

Anybody following the IETF efforts to facilitate language translation?

Dan Nissen

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