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RE: Testing web page accessibility by phone

From: phoenixl <phoenixl@sonic.net>
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 08:28:53 -0700
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OK.  That's my general understanding of QA also.  I think we probably
should clarify any confusion about the software doing testing offline.


> Scott,
> Simply put it could be either, in a traditional/structured QA Approach a
> Developer is not considered to be the best tester of something they
> coded. It is best in structured QA practices that a developer will do
> unit or "White Box" testing why there will be another group that
> performs "Black Box" testing, so the person performing the interview is
> not necissarily the developer. The Interviewer and/or tester is
> generally a different group or at least a different person. This is not
> to say that a developer should not test, they do. I think you will find
> this to be the common practice in most Mid to Large Web Sites. There are
> many good sites on the web that can better explain the different methods
> of Quality assurance and the individual goals of each type then i could
> in the size of this post. 
> Cheers,
> rob
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