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Re: Testing web page accessibility by phone

From: David Poehlman <poehlman1@comcast.net>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 12:25:38 -0400
To: phoenixl <phoenixl@sonic.net>, w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
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Scott, I suggest you work with developpers and I also suggest that you
consider the whole instead of isolating your self to the blind.

It is not necessarily true that a para can get up stairs.

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I think it reflects that different blind people have different points of
views.  Software takes longer because of design choices which don't
address the needs of the blind users.

Programmers often have problems understanding usability.  A view
frequently expressed is that if people want to use the technology, then
they need to put the work into learning the technology.  Usability's
goal is to make the technology as easy to use as possible.  Why not also
make it easy for blind people to use?

The analogy I keep coming back to is paraplegics and stairs.  If only
those paraplegics would put the effort out, they could get up those
stairs and not need those expensive elevators.


> in addition to using the features I mentioned earlier, there is also a
> search feature that can be employeed by jaws on web pages.  As a blind
> person who has been using assistive technology since the early 80s, I
> can say with certainty that yes, it takes us more time.  It even takes
> us more time to walk down the street.  I can also say with certainty
> that untill you make computers and computing as simple as turning on a
> lamp, you will always have a devide of some sort between those who
> comfortable with and are efficient with the technology and those who
> not.  Most of what you describe here can be over come unfortunately
> those who don't want to do it by effort.
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