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Fw: About an article I'm writing - making webpages accessible

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Subject: About an article I'm writing - making webpages accessible

If you decide to respond to the questions in this message please make
sure you address your reply to jools@pretentia.com and not to me. 
Thanks.  -Steve.

From: jools@pretentia.com (jools thatcher)
Newsgroups: alt.comp.blind-users

Hi all, I'm a tertiary student studying writing and editing in
I also write web pages and have recently been involved in an arguement
with a web master who felt that writing accessible web pages was a
complete waste of effort for the number of people it would benefit.

As a result of our discussions he has changed his mind and is in the
process of rewriting his website along WC3 accessibility guidelines.
Now I'm going to write an article about the things I learnt as a
result of the research I uncovered supporting my arguements on the

I would also like to have some input from visually impaired folk about
the issues. I wonder if there are any kind souls out there who might
answer a few questions for me.

How big an issue is lack of accessibilty on the internet for you as a
visually impaired person?

What do you do if you need to access a non compliant web page?

What does the software that you use work? Does it read the html code
or the content displayed on the screen?

Why are frames such an issue?

Do you use your own style sheets? Does this solve your accessibility
problems or does it cause others?

I would appreciate any thoughts or comments on the issue.

Jools Thatcher

Regards Steve,
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