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Re: Acrobat PDF & Accessibility

From: Joel Ward <ward_joel@bah.com>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 08:40:10 -0500
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The rare PDF that includes internal navigation is tolerable, but I have
never found a PDF that is as easy to read in a browser as a standard HTML
document.  If I want to read the content in full, I will usually print the
PDF.  I've gone through many wasted reams of paper that way.  :-)

Much like with HTML pages, PDFs can be done well and PDFs can be done
poorly.  The fault often lies with the document's designer/coder.

For viewing online, you can make a PDF document work much like a standard
HTML page.  But why bother?  Just make a standard HTML page!

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> Does anyone actually like reading PDFs in a browser?
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