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RE: Disability statistics

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Thank you, Denise.  My paper, "The Growing Digital Divide in Access for
People with Disabilities: Overcoming Barriers to Participation," has been
widely quoted and at times without acknowledgement of the authorship.

Cynthia Waddell
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>Lucas liberally "borrowed" my words from
that paper as it was and continues to be a helpful legal and public

Indeed he did Cynthia. There were numerous quotes in that paper
attributed to
Lucas in his statement before the hearing. It is good to have your
clarification of the original source from which Lucas "borrowed" those
statements. I will certainly take time to review the original paper and
urge others with an interest in this area to do the same.

The excerpts from your paper attributed to Lucas are most certainly
legal and policy statements to which I often refer. Better still, I can
refer to the complete document and quotes from the original author :-)

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