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Re: Screen readers and full stops + seperating links!

From: David Poehlman <poehlman1@home.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 07:16:38 -0400
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From: "Rebecca Cox" <rebecca@cwa.co.nz>
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Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2001 12:49 AM
Subject: RE: Screen readers and full stops + seperating links!
But has anyone asked before - why are we meant to make sure there is
a non-linked character between adjacent links? I can easily change
the settings on HPR so that this would not be needed - I've set it so
that a "ping" sounds before each link is read out, thus seperating
adjacent links. It seems like a double standard to me. What do others


The developpers of the guidelines did a lot of research that indicated
and still indicates that this is necessary for many who are not using
high tech browsers such as hpr 3.0.  It is also an aid to the sighted
who need that little extra bit of assistance when looking at a page.
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