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20010912 Lockergnome Windows Daily

              09.12.2001 GnomeREPORT

      Don't hate.

      Even as these horrific events unfold before our eyes, rationality
needs to win over emotion. Am I shocked by today's events? Yes. Am I
outraged? Beyond. But I also know that violence manifests itself every
day - and not just in America. Terrorism is appalling no matter WHERE it
materializes. Nobody knows who did this. Nobody knows their motivations.
Nobody knows much of anything at this point. But one thing's for sure: I
WILL NOT GIVE THEM THE SATISFACTION of altering my personal life. The
worst thing we could do right now is give in to fear, shut down, and
hide. If we do, then they've won. And ya know what? I bet that's what
they wanted to happen - and they won't get it from me.

      Sadly, you can pick up a newspaper any day of the year and read
about human suffering. While the destruction of the World Trade Center
in New York is undoubtedly one of the most horrific events in American
history, it should not overshadow past or future acts of aggression
anywhere else. As of this morning, our country has certainly been
awakened to a larger (global) problem. Many of you noticed the American
flag replacing our regular Webcam images. We are a nation which has
weathered many a storm, and in each instance, our steadfast spirit has
increased. Let's show them that they haven't weakened us; they've made
us stronger.

      And the ripple-effect will not impact Gnomedex, as it were.

      My Inbox has been flooded with inquiries on what's going to be
happening with Gnomedex this weekend. Straight up? We aren't positive at
this point (due to current FAA uncertainties). We want to hold the
conference as scheduled; our team invested a lot of time and energy into
creating a successful event. Know this: if a flight is still available,
I'll be taking it back to Iowa. We don't know WHAT to do other than
continue to do what we planned on doing. Otherwise, they'll win - and
we'll lose. I (personally) want to do what I can to turn this tragedy
into a triumph.

      With your permission, I'd want to launch a humanitarian effort at
Gnomedex, too. If for no other reason than to show the world that we
cannot and will not succumb to threats. It seems that our blood is
needed most, so a blood drive may be in order? If that's not feasible,
we'll find something else to show our support. We can mourn this
devastating experience together, but not let it get the best of us.

      Please... don't hate. If you care to share your thoughts and
feelings on today's events, use this special page.

      Chris Pirillo

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      Printer Ports (Advice)
      Scribbled by Michael Miller


      In trying to help someone with their scanner problem, I did a
search about the ECP printer port found this site which explains ECP. I
then rebooted my computer, hit Delete to access the Peripheral Setup
part of my BIOS, switched from EPP to ECP, and saved the changes. Then,
after exiting, I turned on my printer (the scanner was already on).
Windows 98 then found the ECP Port, installed the drivers to allow the
printer (a Canon BJC240L) to use the ECP Port. I used the scanner
software (Canon CanoScan FB-620P). For a test, I used a fairly large,
complex color graphic. It was as if I had an entirely new scanner! It
was amazing to witness the speed at which the work proceeded! I just
wanted to pass along this tip to whomever might benefit.

      [Soapbox submissions reflect the opinions of the scribbling
author, not necessarily those of Lockergnome]




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our favorite OE MVP has published a tip which involves setting up a rule
in Outlook Express. Click Tools | Message Rules | Mail. In the
Conditions field, place checkmarks next to "Where the From line contains
people" and "Where the To line contains people" (both of them). In the
Actions field, place a checkmark in the "Delete it from server" option.
Then, in the Rule Description field, click on the "contains people"
option. In the resulting dialog, enter the "@" symbol (sans quotes),
click the Add button, then before clicking OK, click the Options button
and select the "Message does not contain the people below" option. Do
the same for the second "contains people" Rule Description hyperlink.
Now, click on the "and" and select the "Messages match any one of the
criteria" option. Finally, name the new rule whatever you wish. WARNING:
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