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Online Course: September "Accessible Web Design" at HTML Writers Guild

From: Kynn Bartlett <kynn-hwg@idyllmtn.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 19:21:05 -0700
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To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org

This is an announcement of the next session of the HTML Writers
Guild's popular online course, D201: Accessible Web Design, taught
by Kynn and Liz Bartlett.  The seven-week course starts on 24
September 2001 and you can sign up now to reserve your place in
the class.  Tuition is $80, or $50 for HWG Full members.

HWG COURSE D201: Accessible Web Design
24 September 2001 to 11 November 2001 (7 weeks)

      The World Wide Web was created as one of the most inclusive
      media; anyone, regardless of computer type, operating system,
      or browser version, could access information on the Web.

      But then something went wrong.

      Today's web is full of thoughtlessly designed sites which can't
      be accessed by a diversity of web browsers. Users with special
      needs, such as those with physical disabilities, are often shut
      out from essential e-commerce facilities, distance learning
      programs, and web-based news systems. Why did this happen, and
      how can we fix the problems without tearing down attractive,
      dynamic web sites and replacing them with text-only pages?

      HWG online education instructor Kynn Bartlett will show you how
      to ensure your web site can be used by as broad an audience as
      possible, in the newly revised course D201, "Accessible Web
      Design." This seven-week web-based course will cover the full
      range of accessible design, from practices to policy.

      For more information on the course please see the web site at:



      Week 1:  An Introduction to Web Accessibility
      Week 2:  Removing Accessibility Barriers
      Week 3:  Browsers and Assistive Technology
      Week 4:  Removing More Accessibility Barriers
      Week 5:  Nonstandard Access Devices
      Week 6:  Software for Accessible Design
      Week 7:  Setting A Web Accessibility Standard

      The textbook for this course is Mike Paciello's excellent
      "WEB Accessibility for People with Disabilities" and the
      syllabus is listed at:



      Enrollment is limited, so sign up now to guarantee your spot!
      The course tuition is $50 for Full members of the Guild, $80
      for Trial members.  Trial memberships are free and Full member
      dues are $40/year.  To reserve your space, go to:


      The deadline is 24 September 2001, or when all seats are filled.


      Want to know what the course is like?  A sample week is 
      posted on the Web, free of charge!  The URL is:


      You'll see what the reading assignments and Web references
      look like, as well as the hands-on exercises and review
      questions; what you won't see is the coolest part of the class,
      the peer-to-peer interaction with fellow students and the
      instructors that is the trademark of HWG online classes.  But
      hopefully the sample will whet your appetite for more!

This announcement may be freely forwarded to any appropriate mailing
lists or forums.  Questions can be directed to Kynn Bartlett at

Kynn Bartlett                                    mailto:kynn@hwg.org
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AWARE Center Director                    http://www.awarecenter.org/
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