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Re: Font sizes

From: <Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 09:52:54 +1000
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Here are a few references I've collected:

# http://www.lighthouse.org/print_leg.htm
# http://www.tiresias.org/fonts/home.htm
# http://psychology.wichita.edu/surl/usabilitynews/3W/fontSR.htm

Personally, I like Verdana as its just a little wider than Arial
- my vision impaired coleagues find it better too.
 This is supported by SitePoint -                                          
 "There are two fonts specifically designed for maximum readability        
 on screen, they are the Verdana and Georgia typefaces. The only           
 down side to these two fonts is that they do not print out very           
 well. Arial and Times Roman are both very legible both onscreen           
 and off. Unless you have a good reason not to, stick to these             
 four fonts."                                                              

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Hi All,

I need some references to quote on fonts and good web design for a friend
mine working with Oxford Health authority. We all know times roman is not
always a good idea and thus <FONT FACE="geneva, arial, helvetica, sans
serif"> is so simple so it's not worth talking about, but that is my
problem, being so basic no one I can find has mentioned it in print!!

Even checked Nielson and nothing I could see.  Any suggestions please?

Paul Davis
http://www.ten-20.com The portal website for disabled people and associated
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