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Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 11:04:11 EDT
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In a message dated 08/26/2001 6:27:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
amja@optushome.com.au writes:

> And the registration form has inaccessible images (ie. no alt text) to
> indicate the "required" fields - sometimes you just have to laugh!

       ROFLOL. OK, that's just pathetic.:-)

       Then again, it's probably designed for sighted pwoplw who otherwise 
don't have a clue about accessibility (EG, FedGov webmasters).

       Y'know what was disturbing, though? Whilst fiddling with a demo copy 
of JAWS, I headed over to the Army Digital Training and Doctrine Library 
(ADTDL) at www.adtdl.army.mil. It's designed for current soldiers. Training 
and such....In other words, not for the general public, and definitely not 
the blind. It was close to the most accessible sight I've seen yet. That 
scares me. For the record, Army National Guard recruiting has THE most 
accessible site among the military/DOD that I've found yet; They speak some 
pages by default; Others, nothing.

       Which brings up the question: WHY? These sites are not designed in any 
way to have use to those besides those already either in service or qualified 
for it. Kinda curious, considering HHS (lead agency for the disabled) had 
largely inaccessible sites from what I saw.

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