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RE: media: "look What They did to acrobat"

From: Fox, Jamie <Jamie.Fox@USMint.Treas.Gov>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 14:49:48 -0400
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A good article overall but I would disagree with a point.  PDF files "have
always presented a problem for individuals with disabilities".  The article
goes on to say it is just pictures.  That is not quite true.  There are
basically three conversion methods/types to create PDF files.  All text, all
images or a combination of the two.  Even with Acrobat 5 one can make a pdf
inaccessible just as one can make HTML and forms inaccessible.  It's in the
creation of the document that inaccessibility arises not in the format.  I
will say though that pdf does not always translate well into text format in
regards to formatting being retained.

Other random notes:
Version 4 also supports the ability to open a site and convert to PDF links
and all.  We used it for the archival snapshot for NARA for the presidential
transition team.
Version 3 and up supports the ability to zoom on an area of a document.

-Jamie Fox

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