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Bobby Approval

From: Shoshana Billik <shoshana@billik.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 09:06:44 -0700
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To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
        Hi, everyone!  I'm also new to the list and am wondering what is "Bobby

                                                        Thanks in advance,

>   First, as I'm new to the list, a brief introduction: My name is
>Tyler Kendall and I'm in charge of providing accessible web design
>education, consulting, and review at NC State University.  "Hello!"
>    I'm hoping to get a consensus of what people feel is the 'best
>practice' regarding the use of ALT tags for spacer images.  I have been
>recommending using ALT=' ' and giving the file a meaningful name (like
>'spacer.gif').  The new access board guide to Section 508
>(http://www.access-board.gov/sec508/guide/1194.22.htm) is the first
>place I've seen this officially recommended - though I recall seeing it
>used once or twice in examples in other guides.
>    While this approach seems the best I've come across, I'm not
>entirely pleased with it.  JAWS, the screen reader with which I have the
>most experience, treats these images the same as images with no ALT tag
>what-so-ever, and in many ways this seems to be a trick to get Bobby
>approval.  Is there a better way to provide users of screen readers a
>solution here?
>    On a similar note, I've been recommending the use of ALT='bullet'
>for graphic list bullets (when people seem unwilling to use the HTML
>list markup), but I'm wondering, does ALT='*' has much support?

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