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the law and sticky stuff

From: Paul Davis <paul@ten-20.com>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 16:08:15 +0000
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To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org

"… Implement Significant New Support for Disabled Access to the Internet.
The Bush program will differ from current initiatives, which focus on new laws
mandating access. Bush will instead push for a tripling of funding for
Rehabilitative Engineering Research Centers; creation of a new "Technology
Transfer Fund" to help bring assistive technology to market; a tenfold
increase the funding for low-interest loan programs to help people with
disabilities purchase assistive technology; and the provision of $75 million
annually in tax incentives and a new $20 million low interest loan program
to help people with disabilities telework."

Ah Hah! glad to see the US has a gravy train for selected 
organisations/individuals as well, here we have the EEC, who hand out huge 
sums to certain organisations to help disabled people. ( I am referring to 
multi millions here) The yard stick used for further funding is their 
success rate. I was therefore more than curious to note that one such 
organization claimed a 115% success rate.

I understand why this was achieved but I also noted they classified a 
person wearing glasses as disabled. It presumably totally risked the chance 
of future funding if they attempted to re-train a person in a wheel chair, 
then could not get him/her a job. Far too risky and totally screwed the 

I think you in the States are about to go down the same road. Of course it 
is very politically correct in every sense of the word. But don't mean 
diddley squat. It's just sound bytes with a heavy price tag. If it is any 
consolation to you in the States the money will be spent. I suggest that 
you try to climb aboard the gravy train before the corporations take up all 
the seats. You may actually do something positive with it.

Paul Davis
www.ten-20.com The UK portal site for disabled people and associated 
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