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RE: JAWS discards SPAN content?

From: Jim Thatcher <thatch@attglobal.net>
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 18:26:37 -0600
To: "W3c-Wai-Ig@W3. Org" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
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I hope you viewed my "criticisms" as suggestions to make your form even
better. It is an absolutely terrific example. I am especially impressed with
your repositioning of the navigation links. Without looking at it with a
talking browser or screen reader, AND, viewing the page, you may have no
idea how special your page is. Terrific. Looking forward to hearing how
Netscape 6 handles it.

The access key conflicts are really bad with Home Page Reader, but they
certainly exist even with native IE.

Accessibility Consulting

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The page now validates as XHTML and the LABEL tags now reference the "id"
attribute of the INPUT tags. Thanks to David Wooley for catching this. I'd
originally thought the page validated, but it was part of a site that
required a login, and when the validator tried to parse this page, it was
kicked out to the login and thus actually validated the *login* page.

Re: Netscape performance. This page was part of a demo project I was
presenting to an IE audience. The project is on hold and won't be public for
some time. I haven't tested in in NS6/Mozilla yet. Typically, for a public
version, I'd install a sniffer of some sort and feed different stylesheets
to CSS-compatible browsers than to (shudder) NS 4.x. I use a "positive-id"
scheme, i.e. I'll take the base page, add whatever valid CSS I know won't
break in NS4, and feed that as default to all browsers. Then (using
server-side if available, otherwise some JS) I additionally feed the rest of
the CSS I want to use, but ONLY for those browsers I have managed to
personally test it on, before the page goes out the door. So untested
browsers just get the base level CSS, but sometimes I do add a third
stylesheet for NS4.

Re: Accesskeys. Again, the page was for a known audience, but I know now
that those accesskeys in the form will interfere with (at least) IBM Home
Page Reader's defaults, thanks to Jim Thatcher. I agree; using this many
accesskeys is probably not a good idea  but I wanted to emphasize the
concept to my demo audience.

David Holstius
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