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Hi! It's me again

From: Nicole <Nicole81@mail.com>
Date: 11/19/00
Message-Id: <200011192128.QAA28408@tux.w3.org>
To: Nicole81@mail.com


Your old girlfriend is at it again.  I have to tell you something that I'm
not very proud of and I need your help. I thought I could just let it
slide, but I'm sure people will find out anyway.  I kind of had a wild
night a couple of months ago with these two guys in Vegas. I know I didn't
tell you about it, because we had just broken up and I didn't want you to
be mad at me (I do still value your friendship).  I just found out that the
2 guys I messed around with were these scummy pornographers and have their
own website: 


Well, guess who is the featured slut for November? ME!!!!!! - no lectures

I've never been so embarrassed in my life.  I swear I didn't know that they
were taking pictures!!!! I was very drunk. Every single thing we did was
somehow caught on film. There must have been someone hiding in the closet
with a camera or something.  I know it will be a horrible experience, but I
really want to take legal action!  I want you to set me up with one of the
lawyers at your firm, if it is not too much trouble.  Please get back to me
ASAP, and for God sakes don't tell anyone!



If you don't want more information about me, please reply
to this letter with 'remove' in the subject
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