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The Page Is Ready!

From: - <thehomepage@mail.com>
Date: 11/4/00
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Thanks for writing me and sending your picture.  You are the first person
I ever wanted to meet from a chat room.  I took one look at your body and
told myself that when we get together it will be a night that neither of
us would forget.  I might even bring my girlfriend along because I know
you would love that.

I got the pictures developed and you can check them out.  My home page is

Remember all the nasty things you told me to do?  Well guess what, I did
them.  Make sure you tell me what you think.  If you look around enough I
put a link where you can see me and Kim getting it on.  I even put up the
pictures of me with her boyfriend.  Just promise you won't tell her the
pictures are there.

I even put your picture up.  There is a picture of me with my favorite toy
in one hand and your picture in the other.  I know you've done the same
thing thinking of me.  

By the way, wait until you see all of the other hot women that have sent
me pictures.  I put them in there also.

See you there http://3286560814/uzlet/data2000/home.html

If you don't want to check out this great page reply to this address with
the word 'remove' in the subject.
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