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Re: Challenge: Defining accessibility

From: Joyce Taylor <jtaylor@taymade.com>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 00:50:09 -0500
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Hello! I have been reading these posts and most of them are way over my
head, but I would like to give my opinion on disability and the internet.

"The internet is a visual/audio media whether using just plain text or
combining it with graphics.  Anyone not being able to access or get to the
web sites on the interent should be considered disabled."

Now this opens up to a wide selection of people from school children to the
elderly and in between, including, but not limited to, the people with
physical disabilites, low vision, blindness, paraplegics, wheelchair bound
people, dyslectics, poor readers, and the list goes on.

It will be an uphill climb, but we will achieve the goal one day and we will
only achieve it by doing what is being done now:  by giving your opnions and
listening to others.  Put them all together and one day you will all realize
that the answer was a mixture of all the contributors of this discussion.

Take Care,  God Bless
Joyce Taylor

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