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Quest. on Adobe PDF to HTML converter

From: Jonni Burnham <Jonni.Burnham@tasc.dot.gov>
Date: 31 Aug 2000 09:56:32 -0400
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To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org

     I'm writing to ask whether folks have experience with the Adobe 
     Systems pdf-to-html converter (found at 
     Specifically, did folks find it useful for assessing compliance with 
     Section 508 proposed standards for web accessibility.
     What is your opinion is as to how accessible the end product is to 
     users with screen readers or other assistive technologies?  
     The web master at the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports the 
     "I decided to really give the converter a rough test, so I sent one of 
     BTS's more layout-intensive pdfs, the Pocket Guide to Transportation 
     (http://www.bts.gov/pg.pdf).  I wasn't entirely displeased with the 
     way the converter handled paragraphs of text, but, as I suspected, 
     tables and certain figures were a problem.  The converter also seemed 
     to rearrange large chunks of information so that they were in a 
     different order in the html document."
     "I'm sure the usefulness of the converter is largely dependent on the 
     layout of individual pdfs, but I'm looking for any overall suggestions 
     or cautions you can give me. We want to make sure the work we do on 
     converting pdf formats to html is thorough, but we also want to make 
     sure that the converter is the best place to start."
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