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Thanks, but not now due to IE or MS racketeering type practices

From: Greg Rice <gregrice@altavista.com>
Date: 24 Jan 2000 21:30:20 -0800
Message-ID: <20000125053020.14423.cpmta@c012.sfo.cp.net>
To: <customersvc@worldspy.com>
Cc: Internet Law <David@Loundy.com>, "Nat'l Asian Deaf Congress" <NADC@nadc-usa.org>, w3c-wai-ig@w3.org

thanks for responding to my query about problem downloading your Free ISP access software.The trouble required to download the 20+ megs of IE 5, in addition to the fact that MS does not include any Uninstall capability, as well as MS' many other poor business practices - let alone their unethical practices makes it far too much of a nuisance to obtain your software.

I wish you luck in providing free service. I would not recommend participating in such business deals that preclude accessibility by browsers other than MS products. By definition such practices of interfering with business in such an exclusivist manner is racketeering. (Not to mention that it actually violates federal law -  the ADA American with Disabilities Act for those who browse with screen reading software and other non-MS products.)

Good luck WorldSpy. Let me know when I can get your software with my current browser setup.




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