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Re: city of hartford site has a text only?

From: Bruce Bailey <bbailey@clark.net>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 20:40:10 -0500
Message-ID: <388272F8.BFF860FF@clark.net>
To: kathleen.anderson@po.state.ct.us
CC: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org

We might want to go off the list with this.

First, turn graphics back on and make sure the image map works!  *Smile*
One thing at a time...

ALT does little good for image maps UNLESS one is using a screen reader
(with a properly configured browser).  IE 4.01 (and latter) for Windows
will display ALT text in PopUps when the mouse pointer is paused over a hot
spot.  (The Macintosh version reserves the TITLE attribute for this
function.)  Self-voicing browsers (IBM Homepage Reader, pwWebSpeak) also
use this otherwise "invisible" ALT text.

I gather from the reports that Len has gather that the current version of
Netscape, no matter what screen reader is used, does not handle image maps
well.  Fortunately, there are several other choices!

The final good choice is to use a text-based browser.  There is a very nice
version of Lynx for Windows 95.  I have not tried the DOS and Macintosh
version, but I have not heard much positive stuff about them.

If you have a telnet app (one is built into Windows 95 and latter), you
telnet sailor.lib.md.us
which will give you access to the Lynx browser running on a Linux machine.

One running Lynx, press "g" and enter in either
and follow the link for "Picture of Historic Charter Oak".
Which one is usable for humans?

I could not get either image map to work in a Lynx simulator.

The best choice is repeat the links in the image map in text, but I wanted
my accessible version of the page to present the same as the original in a
GUI browser.  To be true to that idea, I should have omitted the W3C button
links at the end, but I also wanted to provide live evidence that my page
was accessible.  To this end, I could have included a link to Bobby's
report for the page.  Unfortunately (1) CAST has not provided a properly
sized (88x31) button, (2) the clown cop colors clash with the W3C colors
and IMHO looks kind of goofy, (3) the Bobby report IMHO is entirely too
wordy to be of much value for this kind of use.


Kathleen Anderson wrote:

> I'm sorry, I guess I am still doing something wrong here. Bruce, when I
> look at your 'new' page with graphics turned off, I still only see the 5
> text links (Connecticut Colony Charter of 1622, [ Home ] [ Contact Info
> ] [ The City ] [ Departments ] that have been there all along.
> Will someone please explain to me what I am doing wrong here?
> Thanks!
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