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AbleTV.net press release . . .

From: David Poehlman <poehlman@clark.net>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 13:07:33 -0400
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Should ADA Regs Apply to Internet Web Sites?  AbleTV.net Webcast Town
for the Disabled Featuring US Mint InformationTechnology  Chief Robert Neff,
Live from TVWorldwide.com Studios 
Live Video Webcast with Closed-Captioned Streaming Airs Tonight, May 25,7:30
PM,EDT at http://www.abletv.net from TVWorldwide.com Studios in Reston, Va.
Hundreds Expected to Participate by Chat, E-mail and Phone 
For Immediate Release
Thursday, May 25, 2000
Contact:        Dave Gardy                                   Jeff Pledger 
TV Worldwide.com                      able@abletv.net   
http://www.tvworldwide.com                 http://www.abletv.net 
(703) 406-2031, (703) 786-3067    (301) 890-5944 
Reston, Va. - AbleTV.net, the first web-based global TV network for the
disabled, and a network affiliate of TVWorldwide.com, announced today that
tonight’s monthly AbleTV,net Town Meeting Webcast would address the question
ADA jurisdiction over internet web sites with the Chief of Information
Technology for the US Mint, Mr. Robert Neff. Tonight’s event, slated for
PM EDT, live, from the Internet TV studios of TVWorldwide.com is sponsored
Microsoft Corp., and is another in a monthly series of interactive
webcasts that attract extensive participation from the disabled community
“This is obviously a hot topic for all concerned, “ commented Jeff Pledger,
founder and President of AbleTV.net. “There are many issues affecting the
disabled involving accessibility on the Internet and we’re anxious to foster
communication on this as it relates to the ADA.” 
In addition to Mr. Neff, the town meeting webcast will feature
from Alderson Reporting who will be providing the text of the event for the
live AbleTV.net closed captioned video streaming.  “We’re pleased to pioneer
this closed-captioned streaming for a live event, just like we’ve done for
our archived events, “ remarked Pledger. “Its an example of how we employ
accessibility technology for our own site.”

The show will be co-hosted by Pledger and Dave Gardy, Chairman and CEO of
TVWorldwide.com. “This will be a very interesting show, with diversity of
opinions on this subject,” commented Gardy. “Even Jeff and I don’t always
agree, primarily because I’m against regulation on the Internet. But then
is blind and I’m not. I agree that communication is the key.” 
During this webcast, AbleTV.net will also announce that it has been selected
the media Award Recipient for the Year 2000, by the Metro New York Chapter
the National rehabilitation Association. The awards ceremony will be held
9 at the New York University spring conference for the organization.  

The webcast will be accessible at http://www.abletv.net , and interactive
through chat, e-mail and phone direct to the studio. The program will be
archived and closed-captioned for later viewing after the webcast at the
event site link.
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