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IID: DisabilityWorld with Articles in Spanish

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Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 18:10:12 EDT
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New Online International Disability Magazine 
Includes Articles in Spanish

The new international online magazine, disabilityworld, launched on March 23, 
 now includes articles written in Spanish or translated into Spanish and is 
the first U.S. based disability periodical to embrace the growing Hispanic 
sector of the disability community.

The objective is a dual one: to connect the disability leadership in English 
and Spanish speaking countries worldwide; and to be more inclusive of and 
accessible to the Hispanic population within the U.S. The premiere edition 
features original reports in Spanish from Peru, Brazil and Portugal, as well 
as several articles and news items which have been translated. Gradually, 
Spanish language content will be increased, as our outreach into this 
community grows.

DisabilityBuzz Column Added

Another new feature just added to www.disabilityworld.org  is the 
disabilitybuzz column which you can find by clicking on the What's New link 
on the front page. This is where we will post the latest informal information 
and insights about what's going on in the international disability community, 
on and off-line.  The International News department will continue to feature 
more formal announcements of international research, projects, conferences of 
significant interest and other developments.

International Scope Clarified

In response to last week's official launch, the staff of disabilityworld 
received numerous inquiries about whether news of disability developments in 
their countries could be included. The answer is yes!

The scope of this Bobby-approved online magazine is international and news of 
developments from all countries is welcome and will be included, provided the 
source can be verified and the content is considered appropriate by the 

For the initial period of publication, we are concentrating on providing 
comprehensive information from 10 countries (Germany, Russia, U.K., India, 
Japan, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Brazil, South Africa and Uganda) but will 
continue to report on disability developments worldwide.

Where to send news & articles

If you have news, articles or reports of research in English or Spanish which 
are of interest to the international disability community, please email them 
to disabilityworld@aol.com

Collaborative effort

This international online magazine is a collaborative effort of five 
organizations: the Inter-American Institute on Disability (IID), the 
Independent Living Research Utilization program of The Institute for 
Rehabilitation and Research (ILRU), Rehabilitation International (RI), 
Whirlwind Wheelchair International (WWI), and the World Institute on 
Disability (WID). The project is supported by the National Institute for 
Disability and Rehabilitation Research(NIDRR).

- Instituto Interamericano sobre Discapacidad 
    - Instituto Interamericano sobre Deficiência
      - Inter-American Institute on Disability 

Rosangela Berman Bieler
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Rockville, MD 20850 EUA
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Fax:    1(301) 838-3029
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