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Re: Best Feds on the Web '99

From: Robert Neff <robneff@home.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 06:51:34 -0800
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To: <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>, "Kynn Bartlett" <kynn@idyllmtn.com>
Cc: "Work-Robert Neff" <Robert.Neff@usmint.treas.gov>
Ken, thanks for sharing this with everyone!  Here is what is going on:

1.  We are slowly incorporating universal design and have much code to
replace.  So please know that we are working on it.  The U.S. Mint site is a
very large and complex site with many major programs and an e-commerce site
that just posted a two million dollar day on 18 October.  If you find thing
that needs to be fixed or areas that can be improved, please let me know
directly.  We are making the list (not for holiday shopping) but for a major
redesign next year that will incorporate universal dsign from the beginning.

2.  We are going back and finding missing ALT tags and descriptions and
adding no scripts.

3.  We really use Macromedia Flash and hope to have finalized soon with the
Guidelines group the technique on how to make Macromedia Flash accessible.

4.  Around the 17th of this month we will be adding a Business to Business
site that will be in compliance with many of the guidelines.

5.  We are just now ramping up with people and are starting to train people
on how to universal design requirements.  This will take a while to get
everyone up to speed, however we are committed to universal design.

Rob Neff
Chief, Web Operations
United States Mint

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From: Kynn Bartlett <kynn@idyllmtn.com>
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Subject: Best Feds on the Web '99

> Just stumbled across this, from last month:
>       http://www.govexec.com/bestfeds/99bestfeds.htm
> Hey, look, it's the US Mint!
> Judge 'em for yourself, how do the other sites rate on accessibility?
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