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Accessibility - Government Controll?

From: Joyce Taylor <taymade@netnitco.net>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 16:38:32 -0500
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To: <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
As a designer of web sites, I always explain to my new clients that I design
accessibily as I know how.  I also tell them their site will not suffer from
this process, that it will be eye-catching and give forth such content as my
client wants the viewer to know about his/her business in the desing and
manner they so choose (except for frames, which I will not do.)

I have one client whose business is computers (hardware and programming.)  I
was explaining some points to one of this businesses' employees about
accessibility and about certain government agencies and certain higher
educational pages needing to be accessible.  But he said this was government
control and should not be allowed and doesn't agree with it and felt that
not many people who were disabled actually use the internet and oneshould be
made to conform pages for people with disabilites.  *SIGH*  When I told him
about how many disabled people did use the internet he didn't say anything,
but his face showed surprise.

My sites pass Cast/Bobby (except a few have counters that are server-side)
and I put them through 3 or 4 validators.  Part of my job making a web site
for a client is making it the best I can and I feel making it accessible is
part of 'the best."  I even have one client who has an art gallery and
laughed when I told him I was making it accessible, but loved the idea of
having alt descriptions for his pictures.

Have no idea why I am passing this along.  I just feel designing accessibly
is not more difficult that not designing that way.  I use notepad, BTW, and
know no other way to design.

May I never get to the point where I feel designing for accessiblity is too
much trouble.

P.S.  LOL  I also understand html codeing changes frequently and validator
verifications do, too.  But this is the job I chose because I love doing it.

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