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CYBERWORLD BUILDER Selected as an Exclusive Pick on CNET Download.com
Unique New Mixed-Media Authoring Solution to be Showcased on the Internet's
Premiere Software Download Site

TORONTO, March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- CYBERWORLD(R) International Corporation, a
new media enterprise committed to bridging the gap between 2D and 3D media
on the Internet, today announced that its on-line beta program for
CYBERWORLD BUILDER(R) will be featured as an Exclusive Pick on CNET
Download.com, and the >>NBC<< and CNET Internet portal Snap.com, beginning
March 5, 1999.

CYBERWORLD BUILDER, the first in a series of CYBERWORLD design tools for
on-line, interactive content creation, allows professional web site
designers, artists, and digital content creators to build mixed-media
environments for e-commerce, e-merchandising, on-line communities, company
Intranets, and much more. Visitors to CYBERWORLD spaces can experience a
variety of media, including digital pictures, video, audio, Java, VRML, and
much more.

CYBERWORLD's unique QBORG(TM) system architecture serves as a platform for
building and incorporating visual and interactive elements into web
environments. With QBORG, developers and artists can simply layer and paint
floors, ceilings, walls, backgrounds, sounds, and 2D or 3D graphics to
design compelling and immersive digital worlds.

`The Cyberworld Builder represents a major step toward a much-needed new
paradigm of on-line navigation -- a jump from the flat page to
multi-dimensional environments, efficient in both bandwidth and performance
on a wide range of systems,` says Todd Volz, producer for PC Multimedia &
Design at CNET Download.com. `The innovative Cyberworld Builder provides
accessible tools for the quick creation of media-rich 3D worlds, suitable
for both commercial and individual on-line applications.` Volz continues,
`CNET Download.com is proud to announce the premiere of Cyberworld Builder,
a worthy addition to its extensive library of multimedia, design, and
Internet titles.`

`We are extremely pleased to be selected for CNET's premiere Download.com
web site,` says Sharleen Sy, vice president of marketing at CYBERWORLD
International. `CNET visitors are the most technologically savvy in the
industry. Its audience is constantly in search of new ways to be more
creative and productive, making the CYBERWORLD BUILDER the ideal tool for
their needs,` explains Sy. `We anticipate that once the news of the
CYBERWORLD BUILDER beta spreads within the on-line and web development
community, the web as we know it will be transformed into a feature-rich
multimedia experience unlike any other.`

About the CYBERWORLD On-Line Beta Program

To enrich the Internet, and foster a growing community of interactive
experiences, the CYBERWORLD BUILDER on-line beta program gives digital
content creators and web site designers running Microsoft Windows 95, 98,
or NT the opportunity to experience CYBERWORLD >>technology<< firsthand.

Visitors can download a complete, time-locked 60-day evaluation version of
CYBERWORLD BUILDER and CYBERWORLD Viewer from the CNET Download.com web
site at http://www.download.com or the CYBERWORLD International web site at
http://www.cyberworldcorp.com. After the 60-day evaluation period,
professional content creators will have the option to purchase an official
version of CYBERWORLD BUILDER and join the Authorized Builder Program.

The CYBERWORLD Viewer is positioned to become a standard for 3D and
mixed-media environments on the web. It integrates sound, photos, video,
web pages, and interactivity in a real-world visual multimedia interface.
The 3D E-mail feature allows users to share worlds without the need of a
server. The free CYBERWORLD Viewer is a less than 600K downloadable viewer
capable of displaying CYBERWORLD content and enabling all
Microsoft-compliant plug-ins.

About CNET

CNET, Inc. is at the leading edge of media companies, producing a branded
Internet network and television programming for both targeted and general
audiences. On-line and on television, CNET is the leading authority on
computers, the Internet and digital >>technologies<<. CNET's network of
sites serves millions of users each day. CNET television programming airs
on USA Network, the Sci-Fi Channel and in national syndication, as well in
40 foreign countries. CNET effectively owns 40 percent of Snap, a search
and navigation service for all Internet users, co-owned by >>NBC<<. CNET
also owns approximately nine percent of Vignette Corporation, a
manufacturer of premier Web publishing software, and approximately 16
percent of BuyDirect.com, an on-line software store that was recently
purchased by Beyond.com.

About CYBERWORLD International

CYBERWORLD International Corp., was founded by a group of industry
visionaries who helped bring companies such as SHL Systemhouse (an MCI
WorldCom Company), OpenText, Delrina, Alias 5/8Wavefront, and MGI Software
to the forefront of the software industry. Now these visionaries are
working to make the Internet a media-rich experience for both developers
and visitors.

CYBERWORLD International Corp. is a privately funded company with
headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Company executives include Keith H. Soley,
president and CEO, and co-founder of SHL SystemHouse, founder and president
of Antares Electronics, and former COO of Open Text Systems; Sandor Bank,
Chairman and innovator of CYBERWORLD software and founder of Sanborg
Consulting; Philip Bliss, executive vice president, and founder and
president of Creative Marketing and Group Multimedia; and Sharleen Sy, vice
president, marketing and leader in product management initiatives for
companies such as Alias 5/8Wavefront, MGI Software Corp., and Delrina

CYBERWORLD International Corporation is dedicated to transforming the web
into an interactive multimedia experience. CYBERWORLD International
Corporation provides unique software products that enable individuals,
businesses, organizations, and communities-of-interest to build fast,
interactive, new media environments for the web. The company is
headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with offices in Orlando and Los Angeles.
Readers can visit the CYBERWORLD web site at http://www.cyberworldcorp.com.

NOTE:  CYBERWORLD(R) is a registered trademark of CYBERWORLD International
Corporation. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property
of their respective owners.  SOURCE  CYBERWORLD

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