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Rate My Site on ratemysite@listbot.com

Are your visitors providing enough feedback
on your site? Are they providing *any*?

How would you like a group of webmasters
to review and offer opinions on how to
improve your site? Most webmasters
would jump at the offer, but you haven't
even heard the best part yet: it's FREE!

Join the Rate My Site newsletter and
you'll have the chance to have your
site reviewed by a jury of your peers.
You'll also have the opportunity to
offer constructive criticism on other
people's sites.

C'mon, get involved! Here's your chance
to get and give feedback on various sites.
I need your expertise!

To subscribe, simply send an email with
the word "subscribe" (without the quotes)
as the subject and message to:


This newsletter is geared toward those
people who live and breathe site design
and promotion...here's your chance to
help out your fellow site designers
and maybe pick-up a few tips in the

Owner: Jennifer Johnson

The Rate My Site newsletter will be
delivered 3-5 times per week depending
on response; each message will be
10K or less.

Articles and online resources to help you
effectively design and promote your site.
FREE site review and newsletter! To contact
Jennifer directly, send an email to:

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