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Re: online BART ticket purchases

From: David Poehlman <poehlman@clark.net>
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 08:13:12 -0500
Message-ID: <36DBE3E8.8A3D8613@clark.net>
To: uaccess-l@trace.wisc.edu
CC: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
There are several sites that offer alternatives.  We have to be
careful though that the alternatives offered are equipped with the
same availability as the site is equipped with ie 24-7
a recording may not be sufficient because it could exclude some from
full participation.  It is possible however to send secure email and
provide a link for that purpose as an alternative. presenting a form
in much the same way as the secure server does or having that form
emailed upon request by the user to fill out and then return by email
to an appropriate address.  The email could contain a security code
that is tracked as it is returned.  this is a method that list serves
often use for verification of signatory.

I neglected to mention this in the initial posting of the quire to the
wai ig list.  Kelly, has there been a resolution of the original
complaint? ie what steps have been taken beyond our observation of
your public notice of the original filing?  In other words, is what is
happening here a result of a directive out of that process?
curious minds wish fervently to know.

Kelly Pierce wrote:
> Recently, tim Moore of the Bay Area Rapid Transit District in California
> posted information about https url's and ssl support to the WAI Interest
> Group mailing list and the Universal Access List.  In the interest of full
> disclosure and open communication, I share this and the following messages
> that provide additional context and information regarding this issue.  In
> mid-February, screen saves from the BART website show missing alt tags and
> use of PDF files, which in part created an accessibility barrier.
> commendably, Tim Moore and BART have corrected much of this and will
> complete their work soon.  One barrier that remains is providing
> alternatives to purchasing fare cards online for users of browsers that do
> not support https url's.  These alternatives could include an e-mail link
> for unsecure ordering, the ability to fax an order, leaving one's credit
> card number on a dedicated voice mail line, or mail in purchases on the
> same terms that the web provides.  BART and its lawyers believe that it
> has no obligation or responsibility to offer these alternatives.
> The message below is a compilation of messages from members of the Access
> BART Coalition, a group of people with disabilities who have raised the
> web accessibility issue with BART.
> kelly
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> >To: Randy Tamez <r_tamez@pacbell.net>,
> >        "Waddell, Cynthia" <cynthia.waddell@ci.sj.ca.us>,
> >        "Denero, Marty (VTA)" <denero_M@vta.org>
> >From: JEANNANDI@aol.com (by way of Barbara Rhodes <brhodes@pacbell.net>)
> >Subject: Re: ABC Info/News: Online BART ticket purchases.
> >
> >Hi all --
> >
> >Cynthia -- note you are mentioned in the message.
> >
> >Randy -- note that it is not working for a person who is blind, but they
> >are working on it.
> >
> >Barb
> >
> >       Thanks, Jim. Stick with it and let us know if/when there is a resolution and
> >what that is, I might add.  Will help us advise other agencies for the future.
> >One suggestion from Cynthia Waddell in San Jose is simply to set up a link to
> >a phone line in place of a form, if the form is inaccessible, so you could
> >talk your way through the purchase.
> >--Jean
> >
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> >
> ><< Subj:       Re: ABC Info/News: Online BART ticket purchases.
> > Date: 99-02-09 11:34:04 EST
> > From: jgammon@uclink4.berkeley.edu (Jim Gammon)
> > To:   JEANNANDI@aol.com
> >
> > Well, that's great!   However,  it didn't work for a blind guy, yet.  I must
> > say though that I did get a friendly and concerned response from the BART
> > web master who's working on it.   Regards,   Jim
> >  At 11:14 PM 2/8/99 EST, you wrote:
> > >>

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