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Microsoft's response on the ALT attribute and how Frontpage deals with it

From: B.K. DeLong <bkdelong@naw.org>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 20:29:05 -0500
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To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
My comments interspersed.

>From: A Microsoft Product Manager
>To: "'bkdelong@naw.org'" <bkdelong@naw.org>
>Subject: FW: ALT attributes default to filesize and filename
>There is no way for software to know that a magnifying glass is for
>searching.  There is a way in the image properties dialog box to put
>whatever alt text you want in for an image.  We have to pick a default.  The
>benefit to having the file size over nothing is that users who have their
>browsers set to not download images will be able to see how big (read: how
>long it will take to download) each image on the page.

My question was why would they care what the image size is if they have
images turned off. Note she didn't address text-browsers or people using
screen readers.
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