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Re: The first thing that I don't like about the WAI-IG list

From: Taylor-Made <taymade@netnitco.net>
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 21:45:54 -0600
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To: <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>

Gosh, put it the way you do and I sound really stupid.  I am sorry I took up
your time with my answer.

This is a very good listserv and I have learned much from it. I am not a
college graduate and do not have at my command clever cliches to answer you
with. From my experience, everyone has been helpful and answered my
questions when I asked them.  If I had something wrong with my site and I
asked someone to look at it, I would to expect the truth whether it was good
or bad.   If I sound rude, I apologise but you are answering my e-mail  the
same way you said you didn't like to be answered.  I was only giving my

******Which brings me to my final point: If we have no real
evidence to support this claim, then why are so many of us
promoting it? It seems a very dangerous thing to do. The
issues of accessibility are, in my opinion, quite complex
and often controversial. They should be handled carefully,
thoughtfully, and rationally. Spouting out unsubstantiated
truisms helps no-one. And, if it should prove that
accessible sites DO cost more, we are going to look like
fools. I don't see how that serves the cause of web

Below is a site you should visit because:

"The World Wide Web offers the promise of transforming many traditional
barriers to information and interaction among different peoples.  The W3C's
commitment to lead the Web to its full potential includes promoting a high
degree of usability for people with disabilities.  The Web Accessibility
Initiative (WAI), in coordination with other organizations, is pursuing
accessibility of the Web through five primary areas of work: technology,
guidelines, tools, education & outreach, and research & development. "


I believe in this.  No ifs, ands, nor buts about it.  I am not perfect and
am still leanring how to make sites accessible as possible. But I am trying.
It sounds like you are trying your best to convince yourself that
accessibity is really needed and until you are convinced it is needed you
will not fully believe in it.

Dangerous???  This is not clear to me.

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