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Squirrels, qed & McM

From: jonathan chetwynd <jonathan@signbrowser.free-online.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 15:52:43 +0100
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To: <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
I am a teacher , not a technical programmer.
I am certainly grateful for the range of opinions expressed.

Refresh was not too successful, however carers on the www reported good
results, and my class work was very encouraging. It is not mandated that the
user be able to use the site unaided at first.

The primary need is to motivate, then mouse skills are helpful.
Students do have their own interests, and will push themselves.
They even help create a web page or two, we publish a weekly newsletter, and
hope to have it online soon.
'We won' with a footy pic, yes just like in the newspress.
That is the public market I believe.

My knowledge of Java is ~4-6 weeks part time ie 40hrs that includes
programming reading developing.....I tried Vb for a year with slightly less
successful results. Flash3 does not seem to support HTTP easily.

Searching the www is laborious for everyone.
I would estimate that compared with speed reading, video is more than a few
factors greater in data transfer.
It is not easy to imagine how images help in searching however squirrels
seem to be competent.

www.peepo.com is not intended to be an answer it is work in development.
I agree it is not accessible to many groups. words could be added and that
would slow down the decision rate.

Due to many diverse interests and probably a little too much youthful
exubrience, my cells were fried many years ago. synaptic and coded messages
probably intended to be only for me(and a very few paranoid souls) are hard
to avoid. I always feel the 'joke' is a little spoiled in the telling.

On the far side can you imagine Picasso being asked to describe his work in
technical mumbojumbo and taking it seriously.

thanks again and do look at the java, if you can, i'd far prefer your
accessible site or a good link.

Our site www.peepo.com is a drive thru.
When you see a link of interest, click on it.
Move the mouse to slow down.
It is a graphical aid to browsing the www.
We value your comments.
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