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Re: Builder.Com article on HWG AWARE site

From: <Lovey@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 18:50:34 EDT
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To: richardp@akamail.com, bbailey@clark.net
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In a message dated 5/3/99 8:50:30 AM, richardp@akamail.com writes:
<< Keep up the good work to enlighten us all. >>

You people are doing it. Fighting the good fight. Keeping things straight.

In a message dated 5/1/99 7:07:45 PM, kynn@idyllmtn.com writes:
<< There is a forum for discussion on the site; already someone
(Jamie McCarthy, thank you if you're reading this!) has posted
a rebuttal and dissection of the negative spin.  >>

Jamie McCarthy wrote in her post:
"Only the first sixteen words of this are true." 


In a message dated 5/3/99 10:46:47 AM, burke@ucla.edu writes:

<< http://www.useit.com/alertbox/990502.html 
Jakob Nielsen: "Top Ten Mistakes" Revisited Three Years Later... Even 
discounting the possibility that some people have read the article more than 
once, a readership of 400,000 means that the "top ten mistakes" have been 
read by less than 10% of the people responsible for the world's five million 

Just as I thought.
Again, just how many of those that oppose accessible websites read past the 
first paragraph of these articles?

Please excuse my wording here, but most of these people have a handicap of 
their own. 
They are "Socialy Retarded". They do not have a clue about what's happening 
in the world. These people are content to slander, critisize, debase and 
swear to deny the ****civil rights**** of people know nothing about. 
I feel happy for them that they have not known the realities of being 
disAbled or being a caretaker of a disAbled loved one in their lives, but 
enough is enough.
Unfortunately, the result of their actions is their being silenced by force.
Yet I seriously doubt taking action against these people will enlighten them. 
I think it will only make them more bitter towards PWD's.  
Some people have to learn things the hard way.

I hope one day "Accessibility" will be replaced with "Equity" and "Empathy".

And the good news is: 
source: http://www.ncd.org
New Survey Shows Strong Approval Rating for ADA
A new Harris poll showing strong and sustained public support and 
approval of the Americans with Disabilities Act was released on April 
15, 1999.  According to the survey results, nearly nine out of ten, or 87 
percent, of those adults who are aware of ADA support and approve of 
it; a full two-thirds, or 67 percent, of all adult Americans have read or 
heard about ADA; and three-quarters, or 75 percent, of all adults think 
that the benefits to people with disabilities and society are worth the 
additional costs to governments and businesses.  For more information, 
contact the National Organization on Disability at 202-293-5960 or 202-
293-5968 (TTY) or  http://www.ncd.org (URL)
"On April 20, the Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999 (H.R. 
1180) was marked up by the House Commerce Subcommittee on 
Health and Environment.  The bill, which would allow people with 
disabilities to return to work without losing their Medicare or Medicaid 
health insurance benefits, is now cleared for action by the full 
Committee.  The companion Senate bill (S. 331) has been approved by 
the Committee on Finance and awaits approval for floor time from 
Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott." 

That means more of us homebound PWD's will be using the internet and will be 
earning some real money - and buying the newest computers, technology.....and 
demading Equity.
Bless all of you that try so hard to keep things straight, but a brighter 
future **really*** does lie ahead.
Kindest regards,
Who's Afraid of the ADA?
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