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Re: Dealing with Artistes

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Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 12:18:05 EST
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In a message dated 11/20/98 2:29:14 PM, kynn@idyllmtn.com wrote:
>But I'm an artiste'!  My work is purely graphical and
>   means nothing to someone is blind; they are not the
>   target audience for my gallery of visual artwork, and
>   so I don't need to be concerned with them.

My Lord! How can one who calls themselves an "Artistie'" be so "blind", so
flippant? These people  are dinosaurs. This is the dawn of the millenium!
This is the age of the Internet! Art is for the masses! Not the elite!  
People with low or no vision have keener sensitivity in their other senses -
touch, taste, smell, sound, - if ones so called "art"  does not stimulate
*all* of the senses IMO it is NOT art!
I volunteer time to our local Art League Museum to build/maintain their
website. Every Work and Artist has a written statement and has reams of
critiques, descriptions and observations - without such you would miss the
more subtle dramas of the artists and their works. 
For example an artist who is a Portrait artist will create a landscape unlike
an Landscape artist would paint. But if you didn't know this you would miss
the perspective, the tiny detail that only WORDS can tell!
As has been said for thousands of years and still applies today -
...............A picture is worth a thousand words................
If you didn't know Van Gough was mad and had cut off his ear - his self
portrait would would have no romance, tragedy. If you did not know was he was
an impressionist you wouldn't see the magic in the brush strokes - it would
just be kinda gross and funky looking. And now the lastest research suggests
he had frontal lode dementia.... even more intriging!

The Art League Museum website I am working on does not have the d-links, etc.
finished/approved - but when you read about the Works and the Artists you will
get a feel for the art you could never get without words - a communion with
the work and artist that makes it a unique experience, you fall in love with
the work.

A visit to the museum is even more exhilerating when you read about the artist
and hear the stories about the works from the Museum director and the Artists
Words are essential in the world of Art - and words are essential by *default*
on the web.
The URL is www.saalm.org - if the server is down (it is a non-profit org) it
is mirrored at: www.serve.com/Lovey/saalm/index.html
To get past the yadda yadda yadda - Start here:
and click on the "next" button at the bottom of the page to tour the artists

Also - Here are two stories about two people who are blind:

"And Krystal Wants To Be A Painter" by Pat Linkhorn

"Esref Armagan - Lively Colors of a Dark World" by Joan Eroncel

ps: I am really tickled pink - Check out the review the site got compared to
the "professionaly" made websites of other (highly funded) local Art/Culture
<A HREF="http://home.digitalcity.com/sanantonio/webguide/category.dci?category
=23">Digital City: San Antonio - Local Links - arts </A>
"Learn as if you will live forever...Live as if you will die tomorrow "-Gandhi
(Do we have a choice?!  - LK)
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