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RE: Washington Post editoral: Claims Against Common Sense

From: Shawn Denny <Shawn_Denny@wpi.org>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 13:55:16 -0500
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Although, we are trying to change that perception, this is one that is
rather hard to defeat. 

IMHO, Mr. Raspberry isn't arguing the case for general Web accessibility, he
is arguing against convenience of access when there is inconvenience to the
information provider. Does everyone have the right of convenience of access
to information or is it just access that is a basic right? I think what is
essential to his frustration is that there were other means of access to
this information, and his perception is that Mr. Tamez is "whining" because
it has not been provided to him in the manner he would rather access it. 

This is an argument that rages in other forms throughout the Web world. It
has to do with the necessity of Web as a medium of communication rather than
seeing it as a luxury or gimmick. Try convincing 50+ CEOs they need a Web
site when they have paper advertisements and other means of access to the
information about the company! The general public doesn't yet see the Web as
essential as an information source. It's close, but not there yet. When Web
is a necessity, rather than a luxury, Mr. Raspberry will change his opinion.
It's almost written there in the article.

The argument here is not about the Web. It is about whether convenience of
access is a right or a priviledge, and whether the Web is a necessity or a

All for Web, and Web for all, I say.

Shawn "Webdawg" Denny
Information Achitect

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> > Claims Against Common Sense
> > By William Raspberry
> > Monday, November 16, 1998; Page A25
> >  If I promise to go back to being my old sweet self tomorrow,
> > would you let me get a little meanness off my chest today?
> > Thanks.
> > Randy Tamez: Get a grip.
> Gosh, some people simply delight in being dicks.  Excuse the crudity
> of my expression, but this editorial has got me riled.
> When I calm down, I'll write a longer, more reasoned response to the
> newspaper, and explain to them exactly why he's so, so, so wrong in
> assuming the World Wide Web is a visual medium, which seems to be
> the entire basis of his petty, mean-spirited argument.
> --Kynn, more to come
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