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Re: context?

From: Guy Schlegel <hank@seanet.com>
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 11:00:35 -0800
Message-ID: <364DD353.20D4C507@seanet.com>
To: tom mcCain <tmccain@butler.edu>
CC: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
I'm not quite sure if mandating accessibility is the answer as most rebel at
the thought of any kind of mandate.  What to do?  I'm not quite sure, but as a
web author and designer who has taken classes for the field, the educational
arena is where the issue should be addressed.  Accessibility for the Web 101
should be a required course from all institutions.

The Web should be for everyone, but most authors are so busy trying to create
sites that work on both platforms and work in different browser, that the
accessibility issue is left in the dust.

Just my two cents worth,

Guy Schlegel

Tom McCain wrote:

> We need mandated accessibility - and as much noise as possible - to get
> compliance moving and to make compliance high profile enough that the
> average web author becomes aware of it. More than that, mandated
> accessibility is necessary just because there are still lots of bathrooms
> that aren't accessible, no matter what the sign says.
> We need education to get the average web author to make a genuine effort
> to create accessible web pages. That author does not and will not use HTML
> coding but _can_ learn that accessibility is relatively easy (even
> challenging), accessibility can include bells and whistles, and
> accessibility just happens to be darn good online design.
> We need people in lots of places to sift the thick language of
> accessibility guidelines into understandable methods that the average web
> author will use. When we can help clean up our corner of the world, _that_
> is positive energy well spent.
> I think the average person reading what Ted said just might have gotten
> part of the positive message that needs to get out: Accessibility _can_ be
> done.
> - tom
> tom mcCain, Butler University, Indianapolis USA
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