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Re: Re: Symbols/Universal sign

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Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 21:57:09 EDT
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<<Signed English (not ALS)>>

Yes, in agreement with Alex and Jess and Chris - each of you explained the
difference between word order,  ASL (and BSL), and the pros and cons of using
them as "symbols" in HTML documents much more eloquectly than I could have!
Thank you for your input.
I agree it is getting off topic for this list - as for using Sign graphic
symbols as tools on the internet it would be akin to reinventing the wheel -
but is still intriging. 
I would like to continue discussing these ideas off list or if any of you can
refer me to further info on or off line.
As Chris wrote:"...ASL is such a beautiful and rich language..." I have
commication difficulties (dyslexia and TMD), and to have a lively conversation
with my son (who has Downs and is hearing Impaired) using 'Total
Communication" is such a thrill!
 I find all methods of communication facinating, particularly in my situation.
And am amazed as to how much "intutition" is involved when face to face with a
person - The one thing, alas, that will ever be lacking on the internet. (Not
disregarding M.O.N.A. the Signing Avatar - but she's pretty scary looking!)
It is also interesting (and exasperating) how easily ideas can be
misinterpeted regardless if spoken or written - two can write the same idea
yet sound opposing simply by their choice of structure and semantics.... 
Thansk for the insight and input. Back to work writing descriptions for D-
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