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Re: Re: PDF to HTML conversion

From: <Lovey@aol.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 02:12:32 EDT
Message-ID: <2fc890c5.35dbbe52@aol.com>
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In a message dated 8/20/98 12:11:01 AM, kford@teleport.com wrote:
<<folks should not consider this a reliable method >>

Cherchie la font.....<G>
Some where down the line the fonts were changed and thus - the unwanted
results you described.
The problems you experienced may not be with Acrobat or PDF but with the
application used to distill the file. Microsoft Word being the worst.  Do not
use the PDF Writer in Word to create the PDF (this anoyance is noted on
Adobe's website).  The most reliable method is to save as a file out of your
page assembly application, preferably as a PostScript file.  If you do not
have a PostScript printer, save it as a print file. (Or you can get Ghost
Script - it will make PostScript files) Be sure to set your preferences to
download the fonts.  Then distill the file as a PDF using Acrobat Distiller.
Set the preference in Distiller to include all fonts. 

PDF is cool! As far as reliability, PDF files are becoming the format of
choice for page reproduction in the Print Industry. - and that says a lot for
Hope this helps!
Kindest regards,
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